Sky Pond via the Glacier Gorge Trail head

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  • Sky Pond via the Glacier Gorge Trail head

Sky Pond via the Glacier Gorge Trailhead 

Elevation: 10,900 Feet

Distance: Approximately 9 Miles Roundtrip

Sky Pond is one of the most visited Alpine Lakes in the entirety of RMNP and once you are there you understand why.  Dynamic views of Powell Peak, Taylor Peak and the Sharkstooth can easily be enjoyed while in this area.


A few miles in on the wooden trail from the Glacier Gorge Trailhead just as you begin to wash away the challenges of a busy work week, you're met by a fork in the trail where you veer right to reach the Loch Vale, Glass Lake, and Sky Pond.

Follow the Loch Vale trail until you reach the first switchback.  Then consider following the winter route following the snow covered creek up to the Loch Vale. On this day the snow was plenty deep enough to take advantage of this route. You will quickly find yourself at the Loch, rewarded with spectacular views of the surrounding peaks.  This area is truly sublime when the sun hits it just right.

Push on and follow the snow packed trail to make your way to Timberline Falls, which was totally iced and snowed over. Ice climbing anyone?

After ascending the route next to the falls and reaching Glass Lake, continue for a quarter mile on to Sky Pond.  During this trip the ice was an amazing bluish- white, revealing crystal-clear ice and air bubbles that seemed to reach down endlessly.

The wintry conditions added a beautiful dynamic to Sky Pond. No matter the time of year, this hike is relaxing and rewarding. 

Happy Trails!!   

Adam A.


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