Sandbeach Lake

Sandbeach Lake via the Sandbeach Lake Trailhead

Elevation: 12,620 Feet

Distance: Approximately 9 Miles

Offering nearly 2,000 feet of elevation gain spread across several switchbacks, the trail to Sandbeach Lake immediately enters Ponderosa Pine, Aspen groves, and other mixed cover. It is fun to admire the Gray Jays’ and Mountain Chickadees’ songs as you make your way through the forest while chirping squirrels bring a smile to your face.


Epic views of Mt. Meeker, Pagoda, and Longs Peak from the sunlit southern shore—extraordinary!  Thick ice allows you to explore all various shores of the lake; none will disappoint. This view was captured on the southern shore of the Lake.

Sculpted ice took many forms along the water’s edge. Under bluebird skies, this was a wonderful way to explore on a January day.

RMNP had very limited access during the government shutdown; Sandbeach Lake Trailhead was one area that remained open, however, and visitors flock to it, resorted to parking in the middle of the lot surrounding the entrance station.

Happy Trails!  

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