Bridal Veil Falls

Bridal Veil Falls


Elevation gain from trailhead: Approximately 950 vertical feet

Roundtrip Distance: 6.1 Miles

Bridal Veil Falls via Cow Creek Trail is a modest, beautiful hike that invariably opens my mind and relaxes my body. A 3:00 pm hike in October is one of my favorite times to enjoy it.

The trail works its way along Cow Creek into a mixed conifer and aspen forest, where the air abounds with exquisite smells of autumn. Keep your eyes and ears open for Mule Deer, Elk, Turkeys, Hawks, and Coyotes. Rustling golden grass meadows are striking, illuminated by the late afternoon sunlight.

Rock slabs and stone stairs make the last section of trail mildly challenging, perhaps unexpected, and a lot of fun. Bridal Veil Falls sits at the end of Cow Creek Trail, comprised of two sections: Upper Bridal Veil and Lower Bridal Veil. The upper section requires some scrambling up a social trail on the western side of the falls. The venture from Lower to Upper is worthwhile, as you’ll find quintessential Colorado valley views made complete with the rushing...crashing...rushing...  


Happy Trails! Adam A.

Tip 1: Parking is very limited at the Cow Creek Trailhead. Be patient, or start in the early morning.    

Tip 2: In late May, the wildflowers along the trail are lovely, adding charm to every step of the way!


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